Poet, singer, theorist, painter, multimedia magnitude >Dharko Kolossus<
has been an obsession of ours for some time.
When we initiated a common conversation,
and with every message, we felt the vibrant awakening of new life.

We commissioned Dharko to write a manifesto of sorts, a piece
that collates all the ideas that have been disseminated
across pieces of published and secret writing.
This collaborative effort results in an explosion
with a force so immeasurable
that will shake the marrow of your cognition.

And so, we are excited to present the tractatus
"=.AVANZZMMA1[AVAV8H9=++]", edited in the form
of a singular A1 collaged piece,
so that your household will be graced with its wisdom and glow.

Through its idiosyncratic text expression
Dharko takes us on an encoded journey
of love in the times of a speculated new world,
riddled with its own laws and energies that govern it.

The tractatus premiered on the 07/12/19
at our event (re)Birth: staged, where
Dharko Kolossus in the flesh was present
to recite and enact the concepts
exposed in this piece, propelled by a wagnerian spirit.


A limited batch of 15 units
will be produced (in Spanish, as originally written)

An English translation of the work will be included


Contact us to get a copy at ruegopormi@gmail.com