RUEGO presents - (re)Birth; Staged [07/12/2019]

West Germany (Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999) - Berlin




[For every second lived with the awareness

that the second it precedes could be the last.

For every confession made only to yourself,

shaking in guilt you chose to let the weight bury you.

For every thought intoxicated by love overtaking,

where in judgement clouded you sank deep in a hole beneath the earth’s mantle.

Join us in the ceremony and in the blight,

lest the phantoms that lurk in your consciousness leave you as we kneel together.]


Ruego presents the tale of its inception and rise
as an imaginary and emotionally binding kingdom.
The fable was be recalled and manifested in the form
of a gathering, unfolded across three interdependent
and dramatic acts where each character
represented a particular stage of its development.


ACT 1: From Conviction and Mistake We Are Born

- portento: live

- Laura Costas: performance


ACT II: Blight, Damnation

- Madame Crapulenta: live

- Jakub Glinski: performance


ACT III: Setting Our Sights on Imagined Tomorrows

- [auloplegma]: live


- .pastoral: live

Staging: Special sculptures made by huramy (Laura Costas)



Our guests:

Laura Costas (ES)

Laura draws the essence of sci-fi and RPG universes and transforms
this into delicate sculptures that resemble artifacts of a possible
new realm that rests in the memory of the corners of the world we know.
She runs the Madrid-based platform RALLIZE and has also published
multiple zine works, played as live and radio DJ, among other things.
For this evening she prepares bespoke sculptural
works and a site-specific performance.



Jakub Glinski (PL)

The bringer of chaos and confusion, Glinski is a proven multimedia crafter,
working in painting, performance, video, noise, installation and tattoo.
His work is a celebration of trash and naïveté,
with performances that merge the explosive, unconscious and uncomfortable.




Dharko embodies the full force of the universe manifest into one creature.
Dabbling in poetic and theoretical writings,
painting, opera, and social media performance,
Dharko is the synthesis of transhuman thought and action,
working on the perfect balance between body and mind existing in speculative futures.
A collaborative manifesto in visual format will be available through RUEGO soon.




Our projects:

.pastoral (DE/PL)

Their LP ´funeral perpetuo del espíritu´ was released on RUEGO on May 2019,
a work conceived as an aid through times of emotional conflict,
embracing a personal and free-form take on
black metal, noise, and post-industrial music.
In their first performance, ErmenX and St. Asterión Diamantista VII
will be presenting new material from the sequel to their debut LP.



portento (DE/ES)

Existing at the core of RUEGO’s vision like a sisyphean entity,
portento traces seams across the disconnected fragments of the ordinary and the unreal,
casting a bewildering veil and gentle touch over those who dare approach.
For this gathering portento will embody failure and crippled
resentment that tries to find self determination on stage:

-listen to "un jardin de lamentos"

[auloplegma] (AR)

A window into the in-human aftermath that results from every vice exacerbated,
their work recreates the imagined collapse of all we know,
shifting perspectives across a wasteland where
a new saga of organic life begins to spawn.
Conceived and developed by siblings AT-N-TADO and horrid charme,
their debut LP ´Deformed by the Misuse of Soul’ is about to be released on RUEGO.


Madame Crapulenta (?)

With our interpersonal frame of contact and capacity for introspection
already corrupted beyond recognition by the excessive exposure to mass culture,
the internet and a questionable need to relate to the works of others,
Madame Crapulenta points a mirror towards the sheer volume
of detritus and repugnancy that we have allowed to settle inside of us.
Remember the times when you thought you could make a difference?
All that is holy will one day be forgotten too.

Debut tape coming out soon on RUEGO.


The show’s narrative will be conducted in English,
if you would like to have a translated script in your language,
feel free to message us at