Zebulon Kosted - Under an Eternal Mirage Projected in the Sky [RG12]


Fortitude or annihilation, there could have been no other way to put an end to this. Under an eternal mirage projected in the sky, we curl and conceive. But awareness is now an extenuated limb that dissolves and returns to the soil, to settle in cavernous earth - we never expected to undo ourselves across the fabric of creation, far beyond concepts that drove our civilization into a corner.

We were born from a wish, never to fulfill our matter and honor the flesh, but that does not mean we didn’t try to lunge at the future, if only to miserably fail, faced with smug. Orography adapted to the shapes of our demise, and swirled around moving with it the broken ceremonies that commemorate their existence -tradition has convexed into performative summoning, manifesting the righteousness of a flawed ego.

An earthy scent in the vacuum, did I try to embrace what was hidden from me? Only because I tried to scavenge a feeling so pure, which was indeed forbidden, there were things that I had to give up for the sake of this awareness. A Promethean impulse that sparks from within, the artefacts that have surely conjured an element of chaos in this frame of constancy calling upon me to join a conjecture of reality, spread along the rim of perception.

All instruments,vocals and cover art by Rashid Abdel Ghafur
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Keith R. Szudarski at SubTower, Missoula, Montana June 2021
Mastering and additional guitar by Kyle Petrilli at Volpeil Studios in Missoula, Montana July 2021
Lyrics, theme and graphic design by Ruego