reproche - sin motivo apartente [RG10]


The surface that we inhabited was ebbed away by our concepts. They gave it relief, contour and projection, while limiting the array of features it presented. Complexity is given at the cost of a bigger, far less maneuverable vessel governed by the air currents.

This year’s crop consisted of nothing but guilt coiled around inedible venereal whim, so we decided to mark the faces of those who had seen their wishes and desires unfulfilled in this life as a sign for the protean fiends to take them over and turn them instantly into proverbial compost. The flora grown from them would only stretch inwardly, reaching for the pockets of gas present under the surface in an attempt to hallucinate a more favorable reality for them by inhaling it.

Processing of the stratum gave place to a better understanding of the monumental figures that surround us, and now we know we will one day morph into them, attached like barnacles to the essential materia. Until then, I shall make an orchestral effort to communicate with them, although so far they seem completely unmoved by my melodies!

- Duality logs // Kirsti Embella

All sounds produced, composed and arranged by reproche (Kirsti Embella)

Identidad gráfica by Mural de Soluços (Pedro Moreiro)