Diamantista - Syntagma: Codices I-III [RG09]


Deep beneath the soil where civilization is laid atop, the hollowed and neglected moan and twist. Their dreams long lost to the actualized calculations disputed from another corner of the earth, with inhuman coldness and unmatched composure. Their misery, a product of the progressive accumulation of lesser evils.

Every loss precisely stipulated, collapse gives place to abandon and aridity. Yet their bonds cannot be obliterated, though the caskets and the rubble merge, their communal scream can be heard rushing through every instance lived by those more blessed. Refusing to accept a stained fate, their spirits revolt and haul, raising a force unseen from the utmost depths. The unfathomable reprise they will unleash upon their sentencers had been anticipated in occult writings, encoded in a language unbeknownst to man. 

Instruments, vocals and field recordings recorded, composed, produced and mixed by St. Asterión Diamantista VII during 2020

Instrumental production on the closing of Codex II, produced by Concrete Fantasies (concretefantasies.bandcamp.com)

Special production consultation by 47_N_74D0 and portento

Original artwork and lettering by Alklossien (Katarzyna Brzozowska)

Mastered by Dorian @ The Metal Krypt Studios

All proceeds from the record will be donated to a relief fund to aid the people in Bejrut after recent tragic events (www.globalgiving.org/projects/beirut-port-explosion-relief-fund/)