[auloplegma] - Deformed by the Misuse of Soul [RG06]


We built our cities and networks embedding them with our most unforgivable biases and imperfections.

We turned a blind eye against the vortices that feed on our carelessness and the time has come for the world to turn its back on us.

D.B.T.M.O.S. is a reconstruction of the zero hour instant, the final moment of absolute disintegration, a retroactive bang that consumes the labor of an entire species’ lifespan to leave us with inert ruins and amputated technological components.

Here the future is surrendered and disposed as an offer to the life forms that will succeed us.

[auloplegma] is: 47 -N- 74D0 & horrid_charme

All instruments, field-recordings, sound design, vocals and programming were performed, recorded, assembled, disassembled and/or recast by [auloplegma]

Track 4 conceived with and featuring portento

Recorded and arranged between 2019 & 2020 in Warsaw and Madrid

Artwork, additonal production and mixing by 47 -N- 74D0

Mastered by Angel Marcloid (Fire-Toolz, Nonlocal Forecast, etc...)