.pastoral - funeral perpetuo del espíritu [RG01]


´funeral perpetuo del espíritu´ is a tale of mutual exorcism.
A story that speaks of losing one’s corporeality,
recounted from the epistolar exchanges of two fragments of a sole essence,
newly awakened in irreconciliable planes.
It is the agonic claim for an affection already forgotten,
the sound of an unquenchable thirst for infinity
and the attempts we make to attune ourselves with it.
It recounts a myth of a cursed chalice which deceived its finder,
who seeked omniscience yet found itself
writing love letters with the aid of foreign limbs.
(a longing desperate enough to dream of transcending the matter that imprisons it.)
´funeral perpetuo del espíritu´ stems from a personal
tumult retold and resolved via a heartfelt incursion into solitude,
loss, friendship, relationships, identity, and finding peace
in what we deny to ourselves.
It’s an artifact that aims to deplete both for its creators
and receivers from all aching feelings in order to achieve weightlessness.

.pastoral is:

vocals, words, guitars, pianos, sampling and percussions;
composed, performed, recorded, and assembled
by ErmenX and St. Asterión Diamantista VII
Warsaw // Berlin 
2018 // 2019

mixed by portento
mastered by Colin Marston
cover art by ErmenX

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