A Declaration of Purpose by RUEGO on the Post-Material realm of Tendre 

It has become apparent to us that the purpose this institution undertakes may have been regrettably misunderstood, thus we owe to our select followers a detailed declaration in regards to our true and ultimate intentions, which we intend to clarify in this report.

As a starting point, we should all agree on the fact that, although sometimes ruled out as simple crackpot tales, multiple historical accounts depict encounters with unexplainable forces: the unphysical, the spiritual, variables and forms are uncountable. Experiences outside of one’s assigned vessel or moments of epiphanic truth revealed with a force overpowering. A change of heart, departures and returns of the soul, phenomena that religion and mythology exemplify through fables and tales, often coupled with a moral counterpart.

And so, in the proverbial quest that humanity has embarked on, seeking to provide answers to these blistering matters, we attempt to do so through the dedicated study and documentation of the realm of Tendre, a plane of existence to which we ascribe great part of these baffling questions.


Now, what IS Tendre?

Despite our efforts to provide a complete, all-encompassing answer, due to Tendre’s bespoke metaconfiguration, all recounts collected through our rummages depict wildly varied landscapes and impressions, in some cases overwhelming light blind the visual perception while others recount vivid flora and enchanting lifeforms. Little is known about this realm, but its importance in our definition as sentient beings is undeniable, as it can be understood as the force behind the most intense human emotions, such as faith or love. That is to say, it is realm of perpetual existence, formed by the rawest of emotional forces, where they evaporate and regain freedom in an uncrystallized form.

The presence of Tendre, understood in conventional terms even defies the methods of quantum physics, the space it occupies cannot be measured, nor does it present an atmosphere or a gravitational pull. Its manifestation is entirely situational, an imploration announced from the bottom of a soul frightened beyond appeasing is required to summon a tunnelled stream, the most ephemeral registrable moment where a connection between our realm and Tendre is established. The bearer of the soul is pulled violently into Tendre, which configures itself in reaction to their consciousness. This creates a myriad of interconnected images and signs around and across the subject, which we will refer to as “scene”, as if it were a play where there is no option but to interact.

It is unknown whether multiple souls may enter the realm simultaneously, but some testimonials do recognize the possibility of a mutual essential memory bleed-through, which could explain the manifestation of episodes of phantom recognition of past material experience (also popularly known as a ‘deja-vu’). The mental state exhibited by humans that were returned from Tendre range from ataraxic to irredeemably psychotic, with some describing the experience as something akin to a rebirth, a paranormal skinning of reality’s veil. 

It is also logically unclear whether concepts such as death, hierarchy or language are relevant in Tendre, for its notions form alliance and communicate through ever reconfiguring links which are rendered obsolete as a new structure is sento-formed to host the next plea.

However Tendre is not, as it would seem, a decentralised domain, which would only gain its form and would only exist when connected to this entity which enunciates its plea. It is rather  a coreless plane both existing and absent, undeniably holding the infinite recollection of connected emotions across its very essence, a mass which must be attached to those beings who can process their sentimental quality in order to be signified through them: an infinite progenitor.

“A dimension that is post-biological, post-material, parapsychological, intragraphical, agrammatical and sento-epistemological.”


The air is but a sea of ritual chants.   

A crack opens in every instance where you wander,   

imagining whether there is actually more to unveil.   


Para-mechanics of the spiritual realm

A simple way of attempting to explain this with traditional semantics would be to consider firstly that the composition of Tendre is somehow based on the deepest, strongest dreams and wills of humankind. The intensity and force of these wishes not only does constitute the essential matter of Tendre, but it also acts as a gatekeeping system. The realm’s entropic nature and sheer instability would make it impossible for it to host more than a few simultaneous incursors (as we call those who are taken in). It is due to this that the strongest experiences are attributed to those who are pulled into the realm while in complete solitude. Should this mechanism not apply, historical episodes of mass extermination would have resulted in an incursory saturation of Tendre, forcing it to create a macro scene of unprecedented scale, which would feed on the interactions of the many incursors, leading to an exponential reproduction of its fabric which would result in a fatal collapse of the so-understood physical world.

There are multiple speculations that respond to this seemingly arbitrary gating system that controls the manifestations of tunneled streams. We believe that the determining factor that allows for the connection to be established is the trascendental magnitude of one’s imploration. An ordinary instinctual refusal to let go of one’s materiality is not sufficient to channel a tunneled stream, the conviction requires an exceptional elevation, akin to an individual pact with an arcane force or spirit. Some speculations could lead to believing that there is a genealogical influence that determines who may be subject to being ‘allowed’ into Tendre, implying that the connection between a soul and this world is inscribed in their being since their birthing upon the earth. Regardless of which theory one leans towards, it would seem that any voluntary provocation to establish a connection with Tendre motivated by curiosity would be at the risk of suffering a supra-material death. However, this doesn’t completely make the event impossible, if the subject were to withstand it.

It would be possible to draw parallels to the structures and functionings of death-cults, which promise their blind adepts the passage to the blissful unknown. Couldn’t their leaders have entered into contact with Tendre in the past and now claim to be able to bestow the illumination that engulfed them? While this theory could certainly be subjected to further study and the psychological profiles of said leaders do present several of the recognized traumas inflicted by incursions into Tendre, it is important to note that a common thread tying many recognized testimonials together, is the resulting rejection of proximity with their kin.

Since the realm is post-biological, the idea or existence of life as we understand it is not relevant to its composition, it is possible for one to not return from Tendre, as some reports detail the apparition of ‘scenes of temptation’ in the real, mirages composed of fantastical wonders beyond our knowledge, which could lead the venturing soul to be lost between the mazes of pleasure to ultimately become assimilated into the essential plane. It is impossible for us to determine the consequences of a soul becoming trapped in Tendre in the moment its physical body is being destroyed. As our kind has a fairly impaired understanding of the concept of soul, not all cases of ‘alive’ incursors entrapped in Tendre can be identified (and many suspects could just be attributed to ordinary cases of lunacy in many of its forms).

There are countless questions about Tendre we are not yet equipped to answer. We ignore for how long has this realm existed before the first reported encounter. It is unclear whether a spiritual terrorist could weaponize Tendre against this world to bring forth a calamitous end. The continuous absence of acknowledgement by formal institutions makes the archiving and studying of materials an arduous endeavour, however...


Our work, RUEGO’s raison d'être 

We declare that the purpose of our institution is to document and break down the experiences of those who testify to an encounter with the essential realm, Tendre. It is through this platform that we commit to entering a conversation with this plane, through field documentation, testimonials, conversations, and the works that are aesthetically and poetically infused by an encounter of one’s soul with Tendre. Sources of our research material can be traced to far corners of our civilization and history. As individuals that have ventured into this realm bring experiences so distant from each other, it is not always possible for them to recognize what is the ‘place’ that took them in, rendering our efforts into an uphill battle with the sceptics and the scientifically orthodox, who attempt to question the material viability of a plane that escapes any conceivable technology developed by our species. 

During our time of arduous study and sacrifice we have managed to unearth several ‘proofs of faith’, as we have decided to call them, which we present as gateways into the secrets that Tendre withholds. We invite you to gaze into our archive containing fables, songs and goodbye letters, in them you may be touched by the tears of souls long fractured. Should you find yourself in possession of any testimonials or tales from the Tendre realm, our institution will welcome you and aid you in the process of assimilation and recomposition. 

RUEGO, as the way we understand an honest plea, a defeated prayer, being one of the few manners we know to invoke a tunneled stream connector, is the name we take on ourselves, to devote life and its every breath to uncovering the secrets of the realm where our dreams and thoughts reside.

We hope to have cleared at least a few of the questions that surrounded our purpose and endeavour, but as always, you are welcome to contact us regarding any matter connected to RUEGO or Tendre, it is our purpose to answer them.


Until next time,

S. Asterión & ErmenX