With every blink of an eye you mutter this mantra over and over

in the presence of a flame (which you can not control any longer, as it has consumed our homes and lives)

it strikes you across as lightning through clear night

nothing but a prayer remains, sneaking unashamed across cracks and shadows, crouched and perennial like melancholy, exposing how shameful it is to exist

We pray for the idea of freedom to be forgotten, as it can no longer explain who we are

Nor who we may even ever be

Words amiss to encapsulate the void consuming your patience

It’s henceforth spawned from your entrails

An infinite incancation emanating from the mouth, a blessing yet indescribable:


Let me feel the eternal embrace as I fall

May the moment freeze as my armor betrays me

(whom I endlessly betrayed too, devoid of care)

Let us remain immune to the chains that bind us to science

And I implore (ruego) for the waters guarded so zealously by the gods

May they too descend from the sky

And the unquenchable thirst be finally calmed.


Long for the heat of this flame, for you believe in time and your life is extinguishing

Long for certainty’s touch no longer than a second, as it’s vile and deceitful

Words hold no passion, mere gasps and sighs blended in saliva, converting your prayer into verb

Unaltering physics, yet twisting the whole world


This prayer, a covenant concerning you alone

Defining you like tears or a lie.

At every moment, perpetually

I implore (ruego).