RUEGO presents - (re)Birth; Staged [07/12/2019]

West Germany (Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999) - Berlin




Endless voice logs, misleading documentation, passionate recollections… the first two years of RUEGO’s existence have been riddled with bizarre events. Being an institution dedicated exclusively to the study of the metaphysical realm of Tendre, all our published works have been cross-related by an overarching obsession with the manifestations and incursions into this mythological/oneiric realm.
We acknowledge that, as a research institution, it is essential to share our progress and engage with fellow curious minds. And thus, we present this collaborative seminar, where the management board will meet with advisors to device the future of the organization, the implications of its cryptic research, and engage the attendees in drama and celebration.

This meeting was held on November 24th at Petersburg Art Space.

With the assistance of fellow researchers:

- Megumi Eda (Performance) -

- Fidan Aghayeva-Edler (Keys)

- Gustavo Obligado (Tenor Sax) -

- Diaphonized Animals (Live) -

- Ruego Management Board (ErmenX, St. Asterión - Concept, Performance) -

✓ DJMARCOS2020 (Hybrid)